Trying to figure out what colours to give for your Anniversary?

Anniversaries by Colour


Weddings are a beautiful way of symbolising the love between two people. They bring together family and friends to recognise the loved up couple. After the wedding is all done and dusted, anniversaries are a great way of celebrating the couple. Whether you are giving your partner a celebratory gift or are are honouring the anniversary of a couple close to you, it can be helpful to have a good idea of an appropriate gift. 

Every milestone anniversary has an associated colour. Use this handy guide below to surprise people with your anniversary knowledge!




1st Anniversary: Yellow
2nd Anniversary: White
3rd Anniversary: Brown
4th Anniversary: Green
5th Anniversary: Turquoise or Blue
10th Anniversary: Silver
15th Anniversary: Ruby Red
20th Anniversary: Emerald Green
25th Anniversary: Sliver
30th Anniversary: Green
35th Anniversary: Coral
40th Anniversary: Ruby Red
45th Anniversary: Sapphire Red
50th Anniversary: Gold
55th Anniversary: Emerald Green
60th Anniversary: White

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