Top Tips On Taking Care Of Flowers

Flowers are such a lovely way to bring a bit of life into your home. Unfortunately they often can start to wilt. Have you ever wondered why yours may not be remaining quite as fresh as you would of hoped? The biggest factor killing your flowers is bacteria in the water, so working out a way to avoid this is of huge importance. 


Clean Vase

One of the best ways is to start with a clean vase. If the vase you are using is dirty, there is a far higher chance that bacteria will kill your flowers.

Fresh Water

Make sure you keep your water fresh and topped up. Check it daily to make sure that it is clear, if not, replace with fresh clean water. 

Water Temperature

Another tip is to use water that is lukewarm - not too warm though! This will help the stems to absorb the water. 

Cutting The Stems

Remember to cut the stems a little before placing them in the vase. This helps to keep them fresh. Cutting the stems on an angle helps the plants absorb water. 

Removing Leaves

If there happens to be any leaves that sit in the water, pull them off as this will help to keep the water clean. 


As long as you only add a drop or two, if you add a bit of bleach to the water it will help to keep the water bacteria free. This works by killing the bacteria on the stems and sterilising the water. 


A little TLC goes a long way in extending the life of your flowers. By using these tips, we hope yours can last as long as possible!


 -- The Wild Willow Floral Team --


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